SSL Encryption… What does it mean? 

When you have a website created… it is important to make sure it is authentic and secure. 

The SSL Certificate certifies the integrity and authenticity via cryptographic procedures.

What this means…

SSL – Secured Socket Layer

• Increased Trustworthiness – Your visitors will recognize the security icon in the browser’s address bar. 

 • Data Security – All data is safe and secure to and from your customer through data transmission. 

Our SSL certificates are offered by DigiCert through my host IONOS.  We do our best to make sure your pages are installed with SSL Encryption. 

Most browsers will display a padlock symbol to indicate encrypted contact.  Some newer versions of browsers may be more transparent with a separate icon in place of a padlock icon. Always click on the icon if you’d like more information and to make sure it is secure. 


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